A piece of Diamond jewelry is a beautiful thing to own, wear and enjoy! But like anything else it needs to be taken care of to protect its beauty and shine for years to come.

Here at Cherish Jewelers we recommend Diamond Jewelry should be examined by a professional every six months or sooner if you suspect a problem with your piece of jewelry. Not only can settings loosen and wear down over time they can lead to diamond loss. Periodic inspections and repairs will help your Diamond Jewelry to maintain its peak condition.

On this note, you should regularly inspect your Diamond Jewelry yourself before or while wearing it. If you spot a loose or broken prong, or missing stone, we here at Cherish Jewelers recommend do not wear your jewelry to prevent any more damage to the piece, bring the piece to us for repairs.

As much as you can avoid touching and handing the diamond itself, as oils from your skin, lotions, etc. can dull its sparkle between cleanings. Avoid hand sanitizer and harsh chemicals because they can wear the gold away and lead to losing your diamonds.

Don't assume that just because diamonds are the strongest gems that they are invincible, a blow to the mounting can damage the prongs or can cause chipping, cracking, or loss to the diamonds. Lots of times damage to a piece can't be exactly pinpointed to the time it happened but it does happen, and a six-month inspection can help detect that damage.